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Riverside Dining Kanchanaburi

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When you are ready to satisfy your appetite, Away Kanchanaburi Dheva Mantra Resort and Spa offers riverside dining Kanchanaburi visitors will love. The resort features four outlets, each with a unique concept. Tiara offers western comforts with a 5 star twist. The Terrace provides all day dining that is perfect for families, couples or solo travelers who enjoy lounging their days away among Away Kanchanaburi Dheva Mantra’s lush surroundings. For guests in search of indulgently delicious Thai food, Rice Barge’s authentic local cuisine will excite your palate. And for those in search of entertainment, Prive offers a wine bar with karaoke rooms.


Rice Barge will redefine the tide of authentic Thai cuisine. Our menu reflects our careful study of the River Kwai, while the crux of our cuisine hinges on the freshest and most seasonal fish sourced from the local waters. This flagship restaurant features mouthwatering, exciting and authentic Thai cuisine from all four provinces of Thailand.

CUISINE Authentic Thai Food
SEATING Indoor / 45
LOCATION Near the River


Start your day off with a delectable buffet breakfast at the Tiara restaurant. Come back for lunch or dinner and delve into a vast array of culinary classics from all over the World. Tiara features a menu with selections of innovative dishes and sommelier selection of fine wines.

SEATING Indoor / 84
LOCATION Adjacent to the Lobby


Relax and enjoy delicate afternoon delights along with our selections of the world’s finest teas and coffees at The Terrace. Savour them on the terrace overlooking the lush tropical garden or unwind in the splendid surrounding of the old colonial charm.

CUISINE All Day Dining
SEATING Indoor / 35
RESERVATION Not necessary
LOCATION Lower Level by the Lobby
PRIVÉ Wine Bar - Away Kanchanaburi Dheva Mantra Resort


Our exclusive wine bar and karaoke lounge features a decor that will make you feel you have stepped back into the 80’s. Delve into our Sommelier selections of fine Grand Cru Classés wines or in the world of delightful cocktails. Enjoy them in our lounge area or in private rooms for your favourite ‘sing along’. Options for setting up your very own private wine tasting or themed party nights that will be sure to a lasting memory of your holiday

CUISINE Wine bar with karaoke rooms
SEATING Indoor / 58
RESERVATION Not necessary
LOCATION Adjacent to the main pool